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Interface Options

Generic options interface passed down to all operators


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collation?: CollationSpec

The collation specification for string sorting operations.

collectionResolver?: CollectionResolver

Function to resolve strings to arrays for use with operators that reference other collections such as; $lookup, $out and $merge.

hashFunction?: HashFunction

Hash function to replace the somewhat weaker default implementation.

idKey?: string

The key that is used to lookup the ID value of a document. @default "_id"

jsonSchemaValidator?: JsonSchemaValidator

JSON schema validator to use with the '$jsonSchema' operator. This is required in order to use the operator.

processingMode?: ProcessingMode

Determines how to treat inputs and outputs. @default ProcessingMode.CLONE_OFF

scriptEnabled?: boolean

Enables or disables custom script execution. When disabled, you cannot use operations that execute custom code, such as the $where, $accumulator, and $function.



useStrictMode?: boolean

Enforces strict MongoDB compatibilty. See readme for differences. @default true. When disabled, the $elemMatch projection operator returns all matching nested documents instead of only the first.

variables?: Readonly<RawObject>

Global variables.

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